Fascinating pen history timeline here reveals the truths about the tongue of mind through ages.

The creation of pen has essentially transformed the basis of the evolving human civilization.Pen history timeline says that pen has created,acquired and shared informations,ideas and knowledge since its discovery. The writing tool retained man’s cognitons.It largely acted as a substitute of human capacity to remember. Along fascinating pen history timeline here it helped human beings to communicate their thoughts and turned out to be an ideal instrument that scribbles on.Originally the pen history in the no-technology era is to be sought in the attempts of intelligent people to enscript on rocks by other rocks or bamboo sticks into rocks.Pen hustory timeline reveal that the cavemen astonishingly attempted to write illustratively and draw colourfully on cavewalls.


According to fascinating pen history timeline here, in 3000BC,the ancient Egyptian scribes used their typical reed(sea rush,Juncus Maritimus) pens or brushes to make documentations.Steven Rogers in his book spoke of reeds scripting on parchment on the basis of findings at Saqqara.The Romans in 1300 BC developed a metal(iron)stylus to write on wax tablets.The sharpened end was used for scratching and the flattened circular end resmoothed the surface.The Asian scribes used bronze stylus where as the Egyptians those to calamus or bamboo reeds.The Chinese pens were implemented from camel and rat hair.Reed pens existed till quills replaced them(about 7thCentury) and smooth animal skins to write on fast replaced papyrus.


Pen history timeline show that ancient humans scripted and drew with the help of writing tools.

Significantly enough is the fact that The formulation and consignements of Constitution of The United States of went on in quills.Quill pen originated in Spain and was put to massive use.Normally goose feather was use to develop quills the affluent writers demanded swan quills those were the best known.


Metal nibs in early 19th century replaced quill pens.Ruins of Pompeii revealed the use of copper pens.The Brio brothers who fled from Nazi Germany to Argentina in 1940 s sold there Biromes.Reynold’s Rocket became the first commercially successful ballpoint pen.In 1950s Paper Mate(later publicised pens as banker-approved) bought the rights to sell the pens manufactured by them in Canada.At that time only Parkers released their first ballpoints with the name jotter coined to thise and sold millions within a single year.Michael Bick formulated a public slogan at that time only for his Bich pens that spoke of unforgottable experiences of writing with Bich pen.Tokyo Stationery Company(existing Pentel)in 1962 brought forward marker pens.Japanese manufacturer Ohto developed in 1973,that wrote with mobile ball liquid ink and used largely in commercial houses to soften the user grip.


Pen manufactures advertised their newly invented metal pens in dailies of esteem as The Times in 1792.A metal pen that sectors patented in 1803 was in commercial use.Mass production of metal pens started in 1822.Subsequently steel nibs and dip pens with metal nibs came to popular use.
The earliest historical record of pen with a reservoir dates back to 10th Century AD.The Fatimid Caliph of Egypt demanded a which would nkt stain his hands or clothes.He was provided with a pen whick held ink in a reservoir that was to be delivered to the nib while writing.
Petrache Poenaru(Roman)invented fountain pen when he was a student in France and his model got patented by the French government in 1827.Fountain pen patents and production increasd largely in the 1850s.
The first patent on a ballpoint was issued on October 30th1888 to John Loyd,a Havard educated lawyer.In 1938,the Brio brothers designed new kinds of pens.In 1949,the furst commercial models found market.Paper Mate introduced erasable ball point pens in 1979 or Erasermate.The makers of mechanical pencil or automatic pencil collaborately started the Penkala Monster Company.The advanced technology in late 1980s and early 1990s enhanced rollerball performibility.


Modern pens can be categorized on the basis of writing tips or points on the pen.
1)Ballpoint pens dispenses oil based ink by rolling a small hard sphere either of brass,steel or tungsten carbide.The ink dries up immediately after contact with the paper written on.Such pens have replaced fountain pens for regular uses and ballpens of various prices are found all over the world.2)Rollerball pen dispenses water based jel ink through a tip similar to that of ballpoint.The less viscous ink gets more rapidly absorbed by usual paper surfaces than oilbased ink allowing faster movement through writing surfaces.It was primarily designed to integrate the ballpoint convenience comfortibility of writing with smooth wet ink effect of a fountain pen.
Refillable rollerballs with varied colours(metallic effect,glitter,neon,blurring,saturating,
Pastle tones,vibrant,shady,indivisible etc.)are available these days.

3)Fountain pens that use water bases ink through a nib from a reservoir feed employed capillary action and gravity.The refills of reservoir occur through a piston attached.4)A felt tip pen ir marker with its porus and fibrous tip.The smallest and the finest tips are used in writing,medium tipped ones are used for drawing and colouring and the larger ones called markers are used for writing on surfaces like corrogated boxes,white boards while the liquid chalks or chalkboard markers black boards.The highlighters with bright but transparent ink to mark permanently an already written or printed text.5)Gel pens are thick and opaque pens to illustrate or document on dark and slick surfaces.They might be in bright or neon colours as well.6)Stylus pen us a narrow elongated stuff similar to modern ballpoint pen.


Fascinating pen history timeline says that certain pens those bear historical value.The are no mire used for general writing purposes but calligraphers and artists might use thise
A)Dip pens consists of metal nibs with capillary channels mounted on a handler or holder often made of wood.Those are to be repeatedly in ink while writing or drawing as they don’t have any reservoir in themselves.It might use so called India ink,drawing ink or acrylic ink which are waterproof pigmented or plastic binder based.Crowquills are very favourite to the artists for their ability to create delicate line and texture creatibility.Dip pens still find their use in illustration,calligraphy and comics.
B)East Asian calligraphy speaks of traditional ink brushes.The body can be built of either bamboo,grass or rarer variables as sandalwood,ivory,silver or gold.The heads are made up of either feathers of weasel,rabbit,deer,chicken,duck,goat,
Pig,tiger etc.Japan and China traditionally used hair of newborns as well.C)Quill pens were made up of feathers of large birds like goose etc.and and used largely for writing before invention of fountain pens or subsequent massive use of ballpoint pens.D)Reed pens cut from reeds of bamboo and possess silts in their narrow tips with mechanisms similar to those of quills.


The bold and exciting technical advancement of human civilization might declare that a conceptual pen has lost its place.Everyone needs to adore such unparrelal instruments of dignification. iThey turn out to be handy when one has an unique and worth remembering idea or telephone number of someone to get really concerned about.Digital pens such as smartquill or livescribe are endowed with several fancy features.Smart pens of 1920s store handwritten data are compatible with tablets or notebooks. They upload a finalized written work by getting plugged to computer system with an usual cable for professionals,artists,college students to enhance legibility.Novelty pens in unique shapes help a business house to make memorable impressions by adding fidgets to spinners.
Amidst the variety of gadgets and their massive utility and commercialization as computers,androids etc many writers still hanker on bicpens and ballpont pens all over the world today.Many,even today collect fashinable pens to oreserve those as antiques.Luxury brand Montblanc unleased sophisticated pens to commemorate Sir John F.Kenney’s 101 th birthday on May 29th 2018.

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